SAP Netweaver

SAP NetWeaver™ as a software application stack with four layers: Web-based portals, a Web application server, business intelligence and an underlying exchange infrastructure.SAP NetWeaver™ brings together information and processes from heterogeneous applications, databases, legacy systems and Web-based services. It provides a foundation for Enterprise Services Architecture, SAP’s blueprint for services-oriented, enterprise-scale business solutions.

SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence (SAP NW BI), a component of the SAP NetWeaver platform, is a powerful tool for the identification, integration, and analysis of disparate business data from heterogeneous sources. It includes data-warehousing features, reporting and analysis tools, best-practice models, business-analysis applications, and administrative resources.

More and more companies realize that business insight is needed anywhere in their organizations – from administrator to executive level. Consequently, business insight components could become an integral part of all business scenarios as companies move to service oriented architectures. Additionally, the information-centric economy companies’ face today has led to a massive and continuous growth in data volume and complexity. An organization’s IT infrastructure becomes the critical element for the identification, collection, analysis and accurate provision of relevant information. To cope with the resulting intense and unpredictable data loads and the increasing number of users, the IT landscape must be highly flexible and reliable. Successful companies need IT resources that are dynamically scalable to adapt to changing demand and usage scenarios, ensure a stable performance as well as real-time responses, and are highly integrated.

HNC fulfils these requirements. We help customers build agile, high-performance business intelligence infrastructures that dynamically scale to business requirements.