Patents Research Services

High Noon Corp provides various types of patent and non-patent literature searches for a variety of domains including Electronics, Communications, Life Sciences, Chemistry, Software, Hardware, Engergy, Food Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Medical devices and Mechanical Engineering.

Patent Search Services

State-of-the-Art/Landscape Searches

A State-of-the-Art Search is done to quickly allow someone to see what is currently being developed and potential competitors within a given technology.

Novelty/Patentability/Prior art Searches

Novelty search is conducted when an inventor has an invention which he is interested in patenting, and wishes to determine if anyone has previously invented anything similar or identical.

Validity/Invalidity Searches

Validity search is often initiated either when a patent owner desires to assess the strength of a given patent in preparation for enforcement of that patent or when an accused infringer wants to ascertain the validity of an asserted patent.

Freedom-to-Operate(FTO)/Clearance/Infringement Searches

FTO search is done to prove that a proposed product or invention does not violate any active patents or conversely, to at least be aware that it does, and make the appropriate business decision.

Patent Analytics Services

Patent Landscape Analysis

Patent landscape analysis is done to identify Technology trends, Key players, Key Geographies, Key Inventors, Emerging players and Emerging technologies.

Portfolio Analysis

Portfolio analysis is done to understand the competition and identify acquisition targets.

Patent Categorization

Patent Categorization helps to explore clusters of interests in specific technologies.

Claim Charting/Evidence-of-Use

Claim charts are used to determine and establish the extent of overlap between one or more claims of a patent and a product/technology.