Onshore Delivery Model

HIGH NOON CORP.‘s Global Delivery Model is the combination of onshore and offshore development and is the most remarkable method for the delivery of IT-services. It promises top-quality development, onsite delivery and faster project cycles – at a refreshingly affordable rate. This delivery model helps us to achieve a perfect balance of quality, cost savings and localization by shipping components of an IT project to various parts of the world for execution.

Our teams have perfected the art of Global Delivery Model and provide a definitive answer to both short-term budget constraints and long-term IT cost structures. This is done by sharing the project responsibilities between the onshore and offshore teams that lowers the total cost of the project.

Our Global Delivery Model is suited for Fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups. HIGH NOON CORP.has worked with startups and other smaller software products companies, successfully building win-win relationship over years. HIGH NOON CORP. can make it work for you, in building better products & saving money. For smaller companies, it offers additional advantage of access to large delivery bandwidth, which is crucial for growth.

The Global Delivery Model at HIGH NOON CORP.

  • Involves work breakdown into logical components
  • Distribution of components in a way so that it is performed at places where it creates maximum value
  • Leverages the power of modern technology
  • Bears process centric approach

The tasks accomplished by the onsite and offshore teams of HIGH NOON CORP.‘s Global Delivery Model are as follows:

Services Client Site Locations Offshore Locations
Strategy and 
Roadmap definition
Client interaction Interviews Reviews Goal-Setting Background research & information support.
Development Gathering Requirements, A high level Requirements analysis Detailed Requirements analysis, Architecture Design, High-level Design, & Prototype building, Code Development,
Testing& Integration UAT Testing & Integration Extended UAT support, UAT Defect fixing
Implementation Implementation Change Mgmt& Implementation support
Production Support Implementation & UAT support