Offshore Delivery Model

Also known as Remote Delivery model works on the premise of cutting project costs yet maintaining high quality of project deliverables. At HNC, we follow a very robust remote delivery model that works based on the framework as laid by Software CMM Level 5 recommendations.

Features Vs Benefits of HNC’s Remote Delivery Model:

ID. Feature Benefit
1. 80% of the team works offshore (from Indian Office)and only 20% of the team available on-shore (Client side) Cost Savings (at all phases of the project)
2. Follows all the Processes as recommended by Software CMM Level 5 Project delivery on-time and on-budget
3. Supported by highly talentedPeople involved in remote delivery for the past 7 years
4. Uses highly effective project management Tools to deliver projects
5. Clear cut roles and responsibilities charter for both off-shore and on-shore team members Efficient line accountability
6. 24 x 7 support Global companies operating from different geographies get continuous support